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Providing consistently impressive Disco shows Over the last 34 years!  Join the hundreds of satisfied clients who recommend us and give ‘Lolli Parties’ a 5* rating.

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From the start, we play songs to fill the dance floor – these can include your requests (as we meet with you before the event to find out what you love to dance to) as well as those from your friends too. Of course, this often requires some diplomatic filtering(!) but we carry all the major floor fillers from across four and a half decades, so let’s make this the very best party you’ve ever been to.


Our award-winning DJs are some of the most sought after in the UK today – experts in their field, they are far more than just people who play music – they are professional entertainers who instinctively know how to interact with people and just how much of any element is needed to keep it enjoyable for everyone.


One element we insist is right up to date is our equipment. From the vehicles; to the sound, lighting & video gear, we continually invest in professional quality equipment & carry backups of everything, so even the unexpected doesn’t affect your party.  Hear + see the difference for yourself with a wedding DJ & disco from Lolli Parties


From the moment you & your guests enter, you will be impressed with our shows.  The sound quality is fantastic and with the LED lighting, lasers and our huge video screen, all hung from professional rigging, you’ll see why we are consistently given 5 stars for our shows
Wedding Discos from Lolli Parties Surrey, Hampshire, London, HertfordshireDon’t have a professional wedding planner? Well with 34 years experience when you hire us for your wedding reception, you get our sought after planner services included in the price you pay! We can work with you leading up to your special day to make the evening go better than you had hoped for, avoiding pitfalls like free bars, poorly timed buffets and being pushed into having your first dance too early by a bullying photographer who wants to go home! Yes, it happens, a lot!

When you advertise for a wedding DJ, unfortunately not everyone who sends you a quote is suitable. As a DJ, a wedding crowd is probably the toughest one because there’s such a diverse age range and consequently musical tastes. This should be considered when you send us your music wish list… include songs you like to dance to but bear in mind, the bride and groom spend the least time dancing, second only behind Great Aunt Mabel with her 2 hip replacements! Don’t add highly popular artistes like Abba to your ‘don’t play’ list, as they will actually be popular with the majority of your guests. Also, your DJ’s concept of ‘cheese’ is going to be different to yours, so avoid generalising.
Anyway, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here… What do you get when you hire us? We provide you with a multi-award winning VIDEO DISCO with a large (6′) video screen. A video disco plays music videos, rather than just the tunes, so it becomes as much a visual experience as an aural one. We’ve 34 years experience so you also get a professional Dj who is capable of ‘reading the audience’ and knowing both the best songs to play and the way in which to connect with them.
Depending on the requirements of your event, we can set up early or during the change-round between wedding breakfast and reception. Depending on the venue and access, it can take 40-60 minutes to set up and we arrive in good time to facilitate this.
Our DJ’s dress smartly and are well groomed although we don’t wear ‘black tie’ as we feel this is rather outdated for a DJ unless you are on stage at the London Palladium! A DJ should be recognisable, not blend in with the guests or much worse, the waiting staff!
Brides often ask us what info we need from them. Yes, there are a few questions such as what the first dance will be & what time do you want it? Is there a song you want played as you come into the room as the ‘happy couple’? Do you want a bride and bride’s father dance? What time is the buffet planned for? etc.. We can go through this at the time.
People ask us what our favourite type of music is and why we do weddings? Having been working weddings for more than 30 years, we also know what we are doing and appreciate the difference a professional wedding DJ can bring. Our music tastes are vast and eclectic with different music for different moods… We do weddings because of the vast musical interest across the genres.
Talking about music, we always offer our clients the opportunity to create a wish list of 20 or so songs for us to try and fit into the night. On occasion people ask us to stick religiously to their playlist in the same order, to which we kindly decline and suggest they get an iPod! After all, even as professional DJs with vast experience, what might work one night can fail dismally the next and of course, the audience looks to the DJ to entertain and this cannot happen with such musical restrictions. Yes, you can also suggest songs not to play, but don’t tell us not to play ‘cheese’ for example as people’s perception of what this might be ranges from Agadoo through to Abba and it’s rare to work a wedding where Abba doesn’t fill the dance floor!!
A wedding DJ is also an MC too and this is included in our package. Our DJs are professionally trained with both radio and television presenting experience, so are some of the best communicators in the business.

Now, to the main question – money. Rates vary between different suppliers because of many reasons. For example, how do you know if the quote has come from a registered company or a DJ who works as a hobby? How do you know whether they drive a reliable van or have loaded a few bits of kit into the back of their family car? And how do you know whether the kit is of a professional quality or something that sounds like a tinny radio and looks like a car boot sale? It’s tough for you we know, so check out the pictures and videos on our website to get a great idea.
We are a registered limited company running reliable vans and carrying backup equipment, in case of something failing. Every client receives a contract and can pay by credit or debit card, giving them further financial protection.
We are a member of a proactive group of DJs who all support each other in the case of a completely unavoidable incident such as a road traffic accident. In such a case, an alternative DJ is sent to cover your function, with all of the information discussed being passed to them electronically whilst they are on their way to you, so yes, the show ALWAYS goes on.

We take a £100 deposit and the balance is due the week before the event. You can opt to pay the full fee at the time of booking and there is a discount for this. You can also pay via bank transfer. We do not accept payment on the night and do not offer discounts for cash – we are above board and declare all income to the Inland Revenue.
In some cases, clients ask us to continue later than booked. In most cases this is not a problem and our overtime rate for regular dates past midnight is £125+VAT (where applicable) per hour.

We will let you know if we have worked at your venue before. In 30+ years, there’s a very good chance we have!
Other questions we’ve been asked include “do you take a break”? No we don’t! Do you need a table? No, and if a DJ says yes, they are NOT the right one for a wedding! Do you want a stool or chair? No! when do stage performers use a stool?! You can’t get the crowd going while you are sat on your backside!
We do around 40-50 weddings a year – multiply that by 34 years in the business and that’s over 1,500 weddings, so you’re in good hands! We definitely bring something special with our huge video screen, superb professionalism and experience, coupled with an awesome music knowledge, ability to make the toughest crowd dance and communicate correctly, whether the audience is an East End party or a black tie corporate. We have loads of very positive testimonials on our page and are fully licensed, insured and registered. Our DJs are even DBS Enhanced checked by the police, so are safe to work with children.

So, to answer your question, no, you won’t find a better company for your wedding reception – guaranteed!

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Our Reputation Speaks Volumes

Simply put, we go way beyond ‘the extra mile’ to ensure your wedding reception is hugely successful.

Originating from the start of the 80’s decade, a group of popular DJs created a company that would become synonymous with the highest quality DJs and Discos.  Since then, we’ve picked up more exceptionally talented performers and several awards along the way.  Today, our shows are still in as much demand, especially for wedding receptions where people simply won’t settle for second best.

Over more than 25 years, we’ve played every type of venue across the UK and Europe, played every type of event & celebration, for every type of client.  From Birthday Parties to Wrap Parties, we’ve been at the forefront of some of the best celebrations, events & fundraisers.  

We only employ professional wedding DJs who play guests’ requests and provide suitable entertainment.

Within an industry flooded with uninsured and inexperienced amateur hobby DJs, the demand for our professional services remains impressively high – the majority of enquiries & bookings coming from repeat business, recommendations or from those who have seen our elite team perform. Right now, we are considered one of the leading disco companies in the UK – a reputation we are very proud of.

Why not book one of our shows and see the difference for yourself

Chances are, you know someone who has either booked or been to an event run by Lolli Parties. If someone says they went to ‘the best party ever’, then it certainly was! Read more about Lolli.
What will you get when you book? What should you ask for? What should you avoid? We give you the lowdown and detail the difference when you book a professional experienced company.
Understandably, even those who have booked a DJ or compere before have lots of questions (usually to ensure they get something a lot better than before!) Our FAQ section covers a huge amount of questions to put your mind at rest.
With a fleet of current & fully serviced vehicles & equipment, if something fails, we have a contingency plan to ensure your event is unaffected by ‘the unexpected’. See the lengths we go to…
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The First Choice for Themed Discos & Comperes

  • Professional Talent Backed By Industry Leader
  • Protected by contract & £10m liability insurance
  • Backup staff, vehicles & equipment – the show ALWAYS goes on
  • DJs that welcome requests
  • Multi-Award-Winning services for all types of events
  • We care about your event as much as you.
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Having performed in front of more than 1,000,000 people
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What our clients think matters hugely to us.

Our guests were highly impressed by your DJ and the atmosphere he created. The sound was very clear + the lights were impressive. All in all, it was the perfect package for our wrap party. ***** Highly recommended.
Sarah, BBC TV
Having Phil as our event compere made a huge difference and played a big part in the Ealing Half Marathon winning awards for the atmosphere. We wouldn’t use anyone else now.
Sandra, Ealing Half Marathon
The atmosphere was fantastic from start to finish and the guests described the event as ‘the best ever’ – this was largely down to the entertainment provided by Lolli. A 5 star service, thank you.
Jacki, Guy Kramer
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