Over the course of the year, our team supports many different charities by offering our event compere services at a subsidised rate, so we feel good, you feel good and those attending your event appreciate the difference a professional team from Lolli Parties makes.

We are proud to be event compere for the Ealing Half Marathon which, in the 3 years we have been involved has won ‘Best Half Marathon Event in the UK’ 3 times! Of course we are a cog in a big and very talented group of people who all work to make this such an awesome event and we are very proud to be a part of this amazing team.

Working with major charities for more than 15 years including The British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research/Race for Life Events,  Richie is an onstage powerhouse of a compere, delivering captivating, engaging and entertaining performances continuously in some cases for up to 7 hours at a time.  A true professional, he ensures the message is got across whilst engaging the audience of all ages, bringing a unique atmosphere to the events at which he is the compere.

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Our Event Compere package comes with the compere plus all the equipment you need. In the middle of a field? No problem as our generators will provide all the power we need. Alternatively you can hire just the compere using supplied equipment. 

Surprisingly, costs are lower than most, but the entertainment is, judging by audience responses, significantly better than average event compere or local radio DJ. The fact that our team have been responsible (in part) for repeatedly winning the top event in the UK is testament to the difference with our services.

Are you holding an event that has been promoted on a local radio station?  Not all local radio DJs make good comperes and we’ve seen some less than average talent turn up with a PA system that is woefully inadequate! Book us for your event with our event compere and invite the local radio’s DJ along to do a guest spot, that way you get the on-air promotion but the integrity of your event is not compromised – and the crowd are entertained far better with suitable equipment too!!

On a serious note, you have a legal obligation to ensure for Health and Safety that a PA system can be heard by all persons within the designated area. If a local radio station turn up with a cheap system that barely anyone can hear (and it happens more times than you would think), you are going to find yourself in a world of trouble, not to mention how flat and lacking in atmosphere it will appear to those who have attended.

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